Data Wiring Your Way


The future is in the here and now when it comes to setting up your computer systems.  All of our backbone data wiring is certified and designed for an easy implementation.  All jacks are labeled and tested to the specifications that are required.  You may have a difficult installation challenge or a separate building that is part of your system.  We have helped other customers with point to point wireless that is secure, fast, and reliable.  Do you need multi-mode fiber?  One phone call does it all.

When you are designing a new office, remember that installing additional jacks during the construction phase is the recommended way.  After the construction is done and you move in, adding additional wiring will cost you more than double because of the additional labor.  Also fight the easy way that a lot of architects design and setup a data room right next to the power and phone demarcation.  Move your computer and data room as far away as you can from the electrical panels.  Lightning will always find the easiest path to ground.

We can help you engineer a recommended computer room or data closet.  We use industry standards and are certified on several different systems.

Give us a quick call @ 251-479-2999 or contact us below and we will help you design the perfect office for your company.