NEC Help

We are phasing out of NEC phone systems, but the following information is to help you with existing systems.  Please contact us if you would like to look at the Fantastic upgrade options available to you.

Change the Time

NEC SV8100 and NEC Elite IPK II

  • Press SPEAKER
  • Dial 728
  • Dial two digits for the hour (for example 1pm = 13)
  • Dial two digits for the minute
  • Press SPEAKER again to hang up

NEC Elite 48, Elite 192, and Elite IPK

  • Press FEATURE on the Operator extension (usually 100)
  • Dial 9# (pound)
  • Dial 4 digits (two digits for the hour and two digits for the minutes. For example, 130 pm = 1330)
  • Press HOLD
  • Press FEATURE